Definition: the idea that goods and services should be produced in ways that do not use resources that cannot be replaced and that do not damage the environment.

We believe that we have a responsibility do things better. Never have we been more aware and educated on the environmental impacts on our world and the choices that are available to us. We are fortunate to have these choices and we believe in the power of the consumer to make better choices. We've consciously chosen to work with suppliers who share our beliefs and values and we continue to strive to make more sustainable choices. 

When it comes to the soft drink industry the largest resource and environmental concerns surround:

- water / wastewater management

- supply chain / sourcing of ingredients

- energy consumption

Sustainability is something that is forever changing, as we learn more and adapt.

our commitment

to the environment

- we use only biodegradable cups and recyclable bottles

- we minimise waste and recycle throughout the lifecycle of the product

- we utilise a wastewater treatment process in our brewery

- 90% of our daily energy needs are met through the use of solar power

- we aim to use only energy efficient equipment throughout the brewing process

- wherever possible we reduce our energy consumptions and where not possible we work with CO2nsensus to offset our carbon emissions

to the people

we strive to improve health by:

- using organic produce - all of our ingredients are sourced locally, with flavours being derived from organic natural ingredients i.e. real lemon, limes & ginger

- adding no artificial additives or preservatives to our products

- keeping our products low in sugar without compromising on taste

to the animals

- all processes and ingredients used in the creation of our products are 100% vegan


Most of all, we are committed to constantly reviewing and adapting our sustainability practices to better serve the earth and all its inhabitants.