where are you located? you'll find us at local markets and festivals throughout the Byron Bay local area, as well as being able to order directly from this website or find us at any of our stockists

are the drinks alcoholic? our products are created non-alcoholic, but we partial to mixing some Sailor Jerry with the Ginger Beer and any clear alcohol with the Lemon Lime Bitters

how much sugar is in it? we work hard to reduce the amount of sugar we use in our product without sacrificing the taste. we utilise local organic cane sugar in the brewing process and are are proud to say that both our organic Ginger Beer and organic Lemon Lime Bitters are very low in sugar

what makes it organic? the entire process of brewing our beverages is natural, we use local organic lemons, limes and ginger in the process with no artificial additives or flavours - all natural, real flavour!  

what makes you sustainable? great question! Sustainability is an ever evolving process and something we are committed to constantly reviewing and adapting our sustainability practices to better serve the planet and its inhabitants. you can find out more on our sustainability page.

what makes you ethical? from the ingredients we use to brewing process, environment, team members and the equipment that we use, we ensure we source from businesses and countries that ensure fair work environments

is it gluten free? no, we use some hops and malt, not a lot, but enough that we are not gluten free

can you recycle the bottles? definitely! 

does the product need to be refrigerated? yes, it is safe to store out of the fridge for a day, however, for optimal taste, refrigerated storage will ensure that the fruit does not continue to ferment

what is the shelf life? our product stored and refrigerated correctly has a shelf life of four months

how much sugar do you use?we don't shy away from a little sweetness, we use organic cane sugar but only in smaller amounts, typically 70% less than mainstream soft drinks, see below a comparison between our cola and other market leaders

Nutritional table comparing Organic Drink Co Cola (in green) to other leading cola brands